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Optimum Power Mix

Chanakya says that Power is of three kinds, and so is the success resulting from its use. Intellectual power gives the person right sense of direction, Prosperous Treasury and a Strong Army (read wealth in current environment) provide physical power, and valour is the basis for morale and energetic actions, which results in psychological success.
In my opinion, to be powerful and successful in current environment, one needs an optimum mix of all the three kinds of powers. Just consider someone with high intellect, working as a Faculty in one of the mushrooming private Engineering/MBA College/ Private University on the outskirts of your city. This poor chap probably starts from his home at 7.30 in the morning, and comes back at 7 in the evening. And see his comparative salary! Peanuts. He has the intellectual Power, but is he really successful?

Now consider the Son of a Businessman who is poor at studies, and never bothers about studies as he feels that he can earn a decent livelihood by joining his father’s Business. He may be having a decent physical power (read wealth), but can he bring in new ideas to his Business in this challenging Business Environment? Chances are extremely low, although exceptions are there. This is the precise reason for many family owned Businesses failing in second or third generation. And we all know the status of an intellectually challenged person in our modern day society. 
And what is the use of enthusiasm, morale and energetic actions without intellect and wealth unless you aim to be a third grade Gunda. 
We should aim to attain an optimum mix of all the three kinds of powers to be completely successful in life. The quantum of powers in this optimum mix may vary from person to person. For instance, a highly intelligent person should always look to use his intelligence in fields which are highly paying. In our above example of Faculty, such people can use their intellect to offer consultancy in their field of excellence. IIM/IIT Faculty is one example. This will give them the power of wealth as well as keep their as well as their family’s morale high. Otherwise, they will keep on getting exploited by modern day rogues in the Business of Education. 
Similarly, if your Father is already running a successful Business, you are blessed with the power of wealth. If you add your intellect to it, nothing can stop you from achieving greater heights of success. Don’t consider studies as a waste of time. Remember that intellect combined with the Power of wealth and with the garnishing of initiative is the foundation for many great Business Empires. 
Coming to the last set of people who have the power of enthusiasm. All that you require is a direction to your energy. The panacea for such kind of people is to seek advice from the right kind of people. In simple words, they should look for a God Father who can provide them the sense of direction to achieve the desired resources. 
Thus, all the three kinds of powers are important ingredients to success. All that we need is to acknowledge the deficiency of any of the three ingredients, and to make persistent efforts to fulfil such deficiencies at the earliest. 
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