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Chanakyaneeti has a direct linkage with Present Times

Did you know that Chanakya’s thinking has a direct connection with the Present Times? Chanakya was a radical thinker who defied the norms of the society prevalent during his times to achieve a name for him. We all know him for his smart thinking, and how he avenged his insults and used his anger to pursue his passion. Have you heard about the term “Mahadasha” in Astrology? Don’t stop reading this article because you don’t believe in Astrology. This article is about how we should approach the present times for achieving success. Astrology is just a medium to create a patch-up between Religion and Logic.

A little bit of Astrology to begin with, explained in a logical manner. As per Astrology, every planet has its ruling period, which is called its Mahadasha. The cycle of Mahadasha’s is based on Nakshatra system. Ashwani Nakshatra is the first Nakshatra which belongs to Ketu. Thus, Mahadasha cycle starts with Ketu’s period. This also has a direct connection with the concept of Product Life Cycle in Marketing, and I’ll cover it through a separate Blog Post. This cycle ends with Mercury’s Mahadasha. Vishmottri Mahadasha (120 year cycle) is used for human life span. However, does our Social Environment have its own Mahadasha? And isn’t it extremely important to know the Mahadasha of the Society to correctly interpret our personal Horoscope?

The cycle starts with Ketu which is the Planet for Religious Conformity. Its main function is to put breaks to the growing materialism. Kalyug, Dwapar Yug, Treta Yog, Satyug. Can we term these Yugas as the four Mahadasha Cycles, starting with Ketu and ending with Mercury? Rewind roughly 2000 years from the present times. Era of Jesus Christ? Rewind roughly 2500 years more. Dwapar Yug, Lord Krishna’s times? 2500 years more. Shree Ram’s time? Treta Yug? Is it a possibility that Kalyug may have many Mahadasha Cycles in One Yug? (This coincides with the tenure of Kalyug as per Hindu Religious Texts)

If we base our Society’s cycle based on these events (roughly 2300 years for the present cycle, previous cycles may have been a bit longer), and divide the various sub-periods exactly on the basis of Vishmottri Mahadasha, the Current Mahadasha of the Society is ruled by Mercury (the last in the present cycle). This cycle started around Jesus’s time with Ketu Mahadasha. Saturn’s (Industrialization) Mahadasha comes before Mercury, which coincides with the era of Industrial Revolution. Saturn is preceded by Jupiter’s (Knowledge) Mahadasha which coincides with the era of Bhakti Movement, Newton and Galileo. Before that Rahu which coincides with invasions and Barbaric Times. Logically, this system of Society’s Mahadasha makes sense. By the same logic, we can conclude that roughly 300 years before Christ (ending mahadasha of the previous cycle) our Society was going through the Mahadasha of Mercury. 300 years plus is roughly the tenure of Mercury out of the total of roughly 2300 years of present cycle (calculation based on pro-rata sub-periods of various planets as per Vishmottri Mahadasha). This leads to the conclusion that we can draw parallels between Chanakya’s times (300 to 350 BC), and the present times. For further evidence, rewind roughly 300 more years from Chanakya’s times. This was Gautam Buddha’s time as well as Mahavir’s (Jainism’s times). This roughly coincides with Jupiter’s (Knowledge) Mahadasha at that time.

Now let’s draw parallels from Chanakya. He was successful because he thought differently from the Social norms prevalent in his times. Now re-visit my blog and read some of my blog posts related to Product Life Cycle. In one of my posts, I have explained that Saturn rules Maturity stage of Product Life cycle. I have mentioned in this post that we need to find Solutions through the friends of Saturn (Mercury, Venus). If you have studied marketing, you must be aware that the way to tackle the maturity stage is through differentiation. And is differentiation possible without Radical thinking? Almost all the prominent Businesses today face the shortening PLC Challenge. Most of the new products in the present times reach the maturity stage rapidly (Solar Power, Bulk segment is the latest example). The only way to survive is through Differentiation and Radical thinking. Since our livelihood is dependent on Business and Economy, our lifecycles also require a similar kind of Life Cycle Management. In this spirit, I started the concept of Chanakyaneeti in Business in 2005, with Poddar Tyres, Mumbai being my first major client for this concept. I am now extending this concept to Chanakyaneeti in Life.

Now let’s link Chanakya with Management Astrology. The planet which rules Radical thinking (Chanakyaneeti) is Rahu and the planet which rules Differentiation is Mercury. In Mercury’s Mahadasha, both Mercury and Rahu play a prominent role for achieving monetary success.  This means that when an Astrologer interprets the Mahadasha or Antardasha of your Horoscope for your Business/ Career/ Profession, he needs to do that in terms of the prevalent Mahadasha of the Society (Mercury). Both Rahu and Mercury in your personal chart deserve special attention. Through Management Astrology, I have developed an effective mechanism for this new age interpretation. Even Hanuman Chalisa talks about this, and I will share in my future posts. Keep visiting for more on Chanakyaneeti and Management Astrology. I am looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad to spread this Radical and effective concept.

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