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Saturn for execution of Political Marketing Plans-Political Astrology 7

If Jupiter is the key planet for formulating Political Marketing plans, Saturn is the key planet for execution of plans. No matter how good a Political Marketing Plan is, its of no use if it is non-executable. In the personal horoscope of a politician, following are the combinations which should be …

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Jupiter, Voter Segment, BJP, AAP. Political Astrology 6

Jupiter in Politics means conformity with thinking process, beliefs, traditions and value system of voters. In Astrology, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which is ruled by moon (Exalted means a planet can achieve its highest potential). Moon rules mind. A Politician or a Political Party is said to have…

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Political Astrology 5- Gemini Ascendant, Jupiter and Moon Conjunction in 1st house

Politicians born under Gemini Ascendant with Jupiter and Moon Conjunction in 1st house may face troubles during Moon’s mahadasha or antardashas because of inability to meticulously adapt to changing Political Situations or misinterpreting the changing Political Situations. Troubles usually arise fro…

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Political Astrology 4- Aries Ascendant, Jupiter in 1st, Venus in 2nd house

Politicians born under Aries Ascendant with Jupiter in their first house and Venus in their second house get many meaningful Political Opportunities in their life. For making the best from such opportunities, they should keep updating their diplomatic as well as marketing skills. With luck on their …

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Political Astrology 3-Aries Ascendant, Venus and Jupiter Conjunction, 1st house

Politicians born under Aries Ascendant with Jupiter and Venus in their first house are Passionate about achieving their Goals. They have the Potential to achieve high levels of Political Stature. If Saturn is placed in their 7th, 10th or 11th house, chances of success increase manifolds. However, if…

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Political Astrology 2- 2nd house for Political Stature

I mentioned the importance of Jupiter in a Politician’s Horoscope for Political Stature. Another aspect which should be considered for finding answers related to Political Stature is analysis of 2nd house. Ownership of second house as well as placement of its owner should be analyzed along with pl…

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Political Astrology 1-Jupiter for Political Stature

Gaining higher levels of Political Stature is the aim of every Politician. Analyzing Jupiter in a Politician’s Horoscope can give a fair indication of the time period most ripe for gaining Political Stature, and the quantum of Political Stature he/she can gain. I am starting a new series of Politica…

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Taurus Ascendants in Personal Selling

f you are born under Taurus Ascendant, and are in a Career or Business which involves Personal Selling, your rewards are likely to be lesser than the efforts you put in. If Mercury in your Horoscope is in 8th or 11th house, this phenomenon is likely to be even more accentuated. If you are into sell…

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Decoding Zomato and Swiggy's Astrological Code

Let me share an interesting observation on Food Aggregation Business in India. While Swiggy and Zomato are the top two, international players like Uber Eats and Food Panda failed. Have you ever noticed a common phenomenon in Brand names Zomato and Swiggy? Alphabets of both when added amount to 90. (…

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Astrology for Generating Big Business Ideas

This is my latest book on Astrology. Its about triggering certain reactions in your mind (based on your Horoscope) which can help you generate big business ideas. Here is the link to buy my book (Kindle Edition for India) Astrology for Generating Big Business Ideas eBook : Vashisht, Kujnish: Amazon…

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How Ketu Derailed Over Speeding Society

Writing this on May 3rd, 2020 when the whole World is not sure how to deal with Corona. There is no Vaccine Yet, and there is total Confusion. People are worried about even second wave of Corona. This article throws some light on how this Corona event is likely to unfold in future.  

In my last ar…

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Corona, Ketu and Management Astrology

The Whole World is under threat of Corona, and is on the verge of a complete Lockdown. On 31st August, 2018, I did an article on Management Astrology through which I described how our World also undergoes various Mahadashas and Antardashas. Here is a link to this blog post http://www.chanakyaneeti.…

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Astrological Fasting Vs Religious Fasting

This article is about Management Astrology remedies based on fasting. I am making it loud and clear in the very beginning of this article that fasting for Astrological remedies is completely different from religious fasting.  Fasting as a remedy is recommended by many Astrologers. Fasting is also an…

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Difference between Astrological and Societal Horoscope

Almost everyone is aware about an Astrological Horoscope based on Date of Birth, Time and Place of Birth. This is a static component which doesn’t change with changes in a person’s circumstances. However, it also can’t be denied that man is a Social animal, and his behaviour and reactions are depend…

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Professional Astrologer for Businesses, Careers and Start-ups

Are you looking for a Professional Astrologer for Businesses, Careers and Start-ups? Your search ends here. Kujnish Vashisht is a Professional with over 20 years of experience in Business and Start-up Consultancy, is an Author of 3 World Famous Books on Marketing and Sales, and is into Professional …

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Astrological Balance Sheet

Astrological Significance of 33rd Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa

Astrological Significance of 5th Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa

Halla Bol in Pink? The number Eleven dilemma of Rajasthan Royals

Recently, Rajasthan Royals announced the decision to wear Pink Jersey in IPL 2019. Does this change in colour hold some significance from Management Astrology angle? It does. Rajasthani Community is a great community with distinguished history and unparalleled achievements. However, this community i…

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Impact of Moon and Saturn on different Professions

Moon and Saturn have a complex relationship. While Moon takes care of your Creative abilities and dynamic elements of your personality, Saturn’s department is Perseverance. While Moon empowers you to interpret a situation in many ways, it also creates dilemmas and self-doubt. Saturn on the other han…

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