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Astrology for fighting Political Competition- Political Astrology 9

A Politician needs to fight competition both outside and within his party to fulfil his political aims. While competition with Politicians from other Political Parties is explicit in nature, competition with Politicians from one’s own party needs to be fought with tact and strategies should be secretive in nature. Following astrological parameters govern Potential to fight Political Competition in a Politician’s chart:

  • Placement of Mars in Horoscope
  • Position of Moon in Horoscope

While Mars can measure the hunger (motivation) to fight competition, Moon indicates how far a Politician can sustain mental pressure while fighting competition. If Moon and/or Mars are placed in the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces, Politicians should in general refrain from entering into direct confrontation with competitors. However, this should also be seen in light of overall placement of planets, prevalent mahadashas and antardashas as well as analysis of Political environment around the Politician. Keep visiting my blog. I can be contacted at, 91-9779883347. Kujnish Vashisht, Political Marketing Consultant/ Political, Business, Career Astrologer/ Author.

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