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Astrology of Gautam Buddh Nagar Lok Sabha Constituency

After thorough Astrological as well as Political/Market research, I assign Capricorn Ascendant to Gautam Buddh Nagar Lok Sabha Seat. In this article I am trying to explain the implications of this for both Politicians as well as Political Parties in simple language without heavy usage of Astrological Technicalities.

Implications for Politicians

Gautam Buddh Nagar Constituency is infamous for a notorious jinx. Serving Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh used to avoid visiting Noida (leading town of G.B Nagar constituency) because many who visited Noida lost next elections. There is an Astrological link to this. Sun, the owner of 8th house in the Horoscope of Gautam Budh Nagar constituency is placed in 2nd house in Aquarius (Saturn). Saturn the Ascendant lord is placed in the sign of Leo (Sun) in 8th house. Following are the implications for Politicians in Gautam Budh Nagar Constituency:

  • Second house is the house of Political stature (You can read my previous blog post related to this Political Astrology 2- 2nd house for Political Stature | Chanakyaneeti ). Owner of 2nd house (Saturn) sitting in the sign of its enemy Sun, and owner of 8th house (Sun) sitting in the sign of its enemy in 2nd house (Political Stature) indicates a relatively much higher Probability of loss/fluctuations in Political Stature for Politicians based in Gautam Buddh Nagar. T
  • Sun represents top most posts in Politics like Chief Minister, Prime Minister. 8th house is the house of unknown and is linked to unpredictable and sudden events in life. In G.B Nagar’s chart, this house is owned by Sun which as explained above is sitting in a weak position. Sun and Saturn are father and son in Astrology and with both sitting in each other’s sign, there is always a possibility of lack of communication and coordination between local G.B Nagar Politicians and people sitting in top most posts.
  • This combination of Saturn and Sun also gives rise to unknown fears. Much talked about G.B Nagar Jinx or Noida Jinx may also be arising because of this unknown fear i.e., the voting out of previous Chief Ministers may just be a coincidence. Yogi Adityanath broke this jinx in 2022 elections by coming back to power (though another truth is that Yogis with their immense power to control their mind are above all kinds of superstitions and astrological impacts)
  • Dr. Mahesh Sharma the current Lok Sabha M.P from G.B Nagar couldn’t find a place in central council of ministers during NDA’s 2nd term. It would be interesting to observe from his personal horoscope about the position of Sun and Saturn and the link of Sun and Saturn (and also the prevalent Mahadashas and Antardashas) to his not becoming the minister in 2nd term. He is a seasoned Politician and understands his political actions, but as a Political Marketing Consultant, my observation is that he should conduct an audit of all the previous instances/political stances/statements where his public statements were criticized. Sun has a direct link with Public Image and from the Astrological Combinations of G.B Nagar discussed above, it is advisable that all Politicians from this constituency should do periodic audits of their Public Image.
  • If Mercury is in good position in personal horoscope of G.B Nagar Politicians, they have a higher probability of success. The aspect of Mercury which needs to be curbed/managed is casualness. Particularly while communicating in public or in front of party officials/party workers, they should follow a formal approach.
  • Venus is another planet which is benefic for G.B Nagar Politicians. Along with Sun, Venus is responsible for public image. Venus is also responsible for setting realistic objectives, choosing relevant public issues. In Particular, when I design Political Marketing plans for Politicians, I analyze position of Venus in their personal horoscopes to identify public issues which can make them like a magnet among their Voters.

 Implications for Political Parties

Saturn is the Ascendant lord and it represents reality. Ascendant describes the overall personality of a constituency and in G.B Nagar’s case, it implies that majority of people living in G.B Nagar are practical and are less likely to get influenced by impractical promises of Politicians and Political Parties. From 7th house of horoscope of a constituency, we measure Voting behaviors and patterns. Interestingly. 7th house in G.B Nagar’s chart is owned by Moon. Those who understand principles of Astrology would know that there is extreme animosity between Saturn and Moon. While Saturn as mentioned above represents practicality and calmness, Moon represents emotions and impulsive decisions. The implication for Politicians and Political parties is that although Voters of G.B Nagar are practical in nature, there is always a possibility of mood swing. So. It is extremely important to identify undecided voters as they can either vote for or against you on the basis of momentary mood swings.

Analysis of last two Lok Sabha election results shows that there is a strong preference for BJP in G.B Nagar Lok Sabha Constituency, and momentary mood swings may not have a meaningful impact on results of Lok Sabha elections 2024. However, another extremely important point to note here is that Central Government’s Chart also belongs to Capricorn Ascendant, and any preference for or against BJP can create a similar swing in G.B Lok Sabha seat. Thus, in future, maybe around 2029, if preference for BJP in National Politics reduces, we may see a similar trend in G.B Lok Sabha seat. For 2024, considering the stable nature of Saturn and its longer duration impacts, it can be safely stated that BJP will retain this seat.

Its worthwhile to add here that Horoscope of Vidhan Sabha Constituencies under G.B Nagar Lok Sabha Constituencies may be different and I would try to cover them in my future posts.

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