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Astrology of Political Constituencies- Political Astrology 10

Every location has its own horoscope as well as own unique astrology, and I have mentioned it in my previous articles. A unique feature about locational astrology is that Ascendants as well as ruling planets can change with changes in Societal, Economic, Demographic, Technological and Political Environment. While designing Political Marketing Strategies for Politicians, I always prefer to construct current Horoscope of their Political Constituencies. Matching the Horoscope of the Constituency with personal Horoscope of Politicians can create a perfect astrological alignment and can add to winning probability. For filling/managing the gap areas/areas of conflict, Political strategies should be modified to create synergies between personal horoscopes and constituency horoscopes. It requires a thorough study of a Political Constituency to construct its current Horoscope. Keep visiting my blog. I can be contacted at, 91-9779883347. Kujnish Vashisht, Political Marketing Consultant/ Political, Business, Career Astrologer/ Author.

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