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Astrology of Sonipat Lok Sabha Seat-Political Astrology 11

After thorough Astrological as well as Political/Market research, I assign Aquarius Ascendant to Sonipat Lok Sabha Seat. In this article I am trying to explain the implications of this for both Political Parties as well as Politicians in simple language without heavy usage of Astrological Technicalities.

Implications for Political Parties

Two major Political Parties in contention in Sonipat Lok Sabha seats are BJP and Congress. Whenever a Constituency has Aquarius in its Ascendant, the mechanical approach for strategizing should be adopted. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and in simple terminology, its like a machine which produces results through repeated similar cycles. BJP developed a meticulous strategy for two previous Lok Sabha elections by consolidating Non-Jat votes against Jat Votes. Congress on the contrary has been depending heavily on Jat Votes. Since the seat was won by BJP in 2014 and 2019, the strategy for BJP for 2024 should be to do a realistic check on whether they are able to maintain their hold on non-Jat Votes. My observation on the basis of Management Astrology (combined analysis based on Political/Market Research as well as Astrological Research) is that there may be a low to moderate level of anti-incumbency among Voter Segment of BJP (Sonipat), but the quantum of anti-incumbency may not be big enough to shift them completely towards Congress. However, this may make the contest much closer than before. On the other hand, Congress, which lost 2019 Sonipat Lok Sabha elections by around 1.65 lac votes, needs to strengthen its Venus to attract BJP Voters towards them. Overall astrological analysis of Sonipat Lok Sabha seat indicates that Congress can strengthen its Venus by incorporating basic issues like food, shelter, health in their election campaign for 2024 Lok Sabha. Those who have read about Maslow’s need hierarchy theory would know that these issues form the lowest levels of needs. In my earlier articles, I have mentioned that the lowest levels of need hierarchy are ruled by Venus. Venus also rules Brand Equity and acts like a Magnet in Politics. When it comes to Indian Politics of current times, Brand Modi is a huge magnet which has the potential to negate the impact of all other magnets. Thus, the conclusion is that by incorporating issues mentioned above may strengthen Venus of Congress Party in Sonipat, but this magnet may provide results in 2024 Haryana Assembly elections where State magnets like Brand Bhupinder Singh Hooda may have the capacity to give fight to Brand Modi.

Implications for Politicians

Apart from competition between Political Parties, there is always a competition between Politicians belonging to same Party for getting Party Ticket. While BJP has denied tickets to its sitting MP’s and MLA’s many times to avoid anti-incumbency, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who lost elections in Lok Sabha 2019 from Sonipat may not contest this time to concentrate completely on Haryana Assembly Elections 2024. Following are my observations for Lok Sabha Ticket aspirants for Sonipat Lok Sabha 2024:

  • Get your Horoscope interpreted by a competent Astrologer and find out planets in good and bad positions in your Horoscopes. Also find out how the current mahadasha and antardashas (till next Lok Sabha Elections) add to the positivity or negativity of these planets.
  • If Saturn, Venus and Mercury in your personal Horoscope are strong, you have a strong chance of getting Lok Sabha Seat from Sonipat. However, always remember that when it comes to competition, this strength is relative, i.e. you are competing with others who may have better strength of these planets in their Horoscope than you.
  • As mentioned in one of my previous articles, position of Moon and Mars in your Horoscope should also be analyzed to formulate strategies to fight competition
  • Political Marketing Strategies which aim at improving connect quotient with grass root level people are ruled by Saturn. Political Marketing Strategies which aim at improving Brand Equity are ruled by Venus. Political Marketing Strategies which aim at improving communication with voters/ election mathematics are ruled by Mercury. While Communication strategies will add to your strengths, election mathematics will lessen the negative impact of Mercury (Sonipat Specific). You can get a small insight into these strategies by reading about Marketing Balance Sheets of leading Politicians on my blog

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