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Scorpio Ascendants should avoid Casual Approach

This article is for those born under Scorpio Ascendant. If you are born under Scorpio Ascendant, try to remember situations which got you in trouble in the past. More often than not, it’s their casual approach which gets them in trouble. Some of the common instances are:

  • Cracking a Joke or passing a casual comment at someone
  • Arguments gone bad at workplace during informal discussions
  • Trouble with Government Authorities because of casual approach towards Government rules and regulations
  • Not bothering to stick to formalities in relationships. They may be true in your relationships, but the other people may misjudge their casual approach as indifference towards their feelings
  • Even helping someone in an informal way may go wrong for them

They should be more particular about casual approach during periods and sub-periods of Mercury and Moon. Keep visiting my blog. Kujnish Vashisht.  Political/Business/Career astrologer. (+91)- 9779883347.

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