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Venus is the Magnet for Politicians. Political Astrology 8

In present day Indian Political Environment, Modi can be defined as a magnet who attracts people with his magnetic personality. Venus is the planet in a Politician’s horoscope which facilitates this magnetism. In-depth analysis of a Politician’s horoscope and the Political environment around him can determine the areas from which this magnetism is likely to come from, and the maximum extent to which this magnetism should be exposed. Horoscope of a Politician can also determine the periods and sub-periods during which magnetism will be most fruitful. Its worthwhile to mention here that exposing magnetism during non-suitable astrological periods can also attract negative forces which may do more harm than good. This may even damage Public Image of Politicians and timely Do’s and Don’ts should be practiced by Politicians during such periods. Keep visiting my blog. I can be contacted at, 91-9779883347. Kujnish Vashisht, Political Marketing Consultant/ Political, Business, Career Astrologer/ Author.


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