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Marketing- Astrological perspective

In this Video, Kujnish Vashisht gives an Astrological Perspective to Marketing, one of the most important functions of Business. Kujnish Vashisht is a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Author of many successful books on Marketing and Astrology. He has also Authored an exclusive Marketing book b…

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Invest in Brands and Brand Mascots

What's a KISS in Politics?

“Impact of the use of data in elections is over-hyped. Data analytics and machine learning are not a game-changer in the Indian elections” You have to trust a statement when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The above statement is not mine, but of Prashant Kishore, who is credited with using…

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Rational Ignorance in Politics

Importance of Ram Mandir Ordinance in Branding

Selecting the right promotion objectives in marketing is an extremely important task. Most common mistake in marketing is failure to recognize that Promotion objectives change with changes in Marketing Environment. Some of the common Promotion objectives are Brand Recognition through Launching / Bra…

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Chanakyaneeti and Marketing in Politics

The first basic rule of Chanakyaneeti is to prepare a detailed manual for the subject matter.  Smart tactics always emerge from minute details stated in such manuals. A good Chanakyaneeti based manual should list down all the possible situations and should then list broad parameters on how to react …

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Brand Potential decides Startup Valuation

Online Laundry Business Analyzed through Management Astrology

There are two components in this Business, Laundry and Online. The Management Astrology Chart of Laundry belongs to Aquarius Ascendant whereas Management Astrology Chart of an online Business belongs to Virgo Ascendant. Consider the 2nd and 11th house of the Laundry. Second house, the house of wealt…

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New Punchline for PSU Banks

Marketing is Scorpio

In this post, we will discuss about Marketing and Management Astrology. All the marketing activities of an organisation as well as marketing Jobs have Scorpio as ascendant. Jupiter, the benific planet in this chart is the lord of second house, the house of money. No wonder, Marketing (Sales) is the …

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